Symphonies of Skyrim

“I don’t know if you realise how beautiful these songs are. You are an artist, I really hope you know that.” – cFeaturing, Skyrim Nexus

“Tom Colebrooke, the next Hans Zimmer” – xillus, Skyrim Nexus

Symphonies of Skyrim is an independent modification to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and features original compositions developed by Questor Studios.


While the Official Skyrim Soundtrack, composed by Jeremy Soule is indeed magnificent, awe-inspiring and perfectly orchestrated for Skyrim, when, like me you have clocked 200+ hours on the game – it is inevitable that you will hear the same melodies over and over, even to the point of becoming tedious.
And so, driven by my desire to contribute something to the game that has given me so much, I present: Symphonies of Skyrim. These are all entirely original orchestral compositions that I have composed, orchestrated and mixed. I am a dedicated semi-professional composer and a huge fan of Skyrim. I have thoroughly enjoyed composing music for what I consider to be a true masterpiece of a game.
The pieces are of all genres, from epic booming battle ensembles to gentle woodwind exploration motifs.

In Version 1.4, there are twenty pieces included, adding an hour of brand new music to Skyrim’s Soundtrack. You can download the mod here.


“The music you created for this is absolutely beautiful” – vodkin, Skyrim Nexus

“Well, now I have a reason to turn up my music volume again.” – dwil00, Skyrim Nexus

“These songs are beautiful” – ynvaser, Skyrim Nexus

“Masterfully done!” – Schattenu, Skyrim Nexus

“I’d endorse ten times if I could” – acidzebra, Skyrim Nexus

“Phenomenal” – Surazal, Skyrim Nexus

Testimonials extracted from Comments section of the mod page – available to view here.